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Tarnowski Art
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Welcome to Tarnowski Art
Official Site of Master Fine Artist & Sculptor Glen Tarnowski 

G. Tarnowski is a nationally and internationally recognized master painter & sculptor. His works are in Australia's National Art Gallery, and National Art Gallery of Victoria AustraliaAspen Museum of Art, the Biblical Arts Museum, Dallas, TX. PICTURE Arts Foundation; Santa Dominguez Hills, CA., Boca Raton Museum of Art, and Brooklyn Museum of Art. 
Glen Tarnowski is a highly versatile and skilled master artist who has mastered a variety of styles from Traditional Realism, Sculpture, Elemental Abstact to his original style of Modern Allegorism. His art is represented in galleries from Hawaii to United Kingdom. Tarnowski's art has gone around the world and touched a growing global community of art admirers, collectors, corporate clients, in addition to art foundations and museums worldwide.

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