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Modern Allegorism

What's Modern Allegorism?

Glen Tarnowski is the Founder of Modern Allegorism which is a school of fine art in which the artist uses contemporary elements in an allegorical style to communicate a positive and uplifting message to the viewer. The term was first used in print in a book published in 2007 titled Tarnowski: Modern Allegories about the work of artist Glen Tarnowski. Tarnowski coined the term to describe a style of art that communicated to a modern world in the same way that Renaissance artists communicated values, ethics and morality to the largely illiterate population of the time.--Wikipedia

Why Modern Allegorism is not Surrealism?

That is correct! Surrealism was an art style created to capture our sub-conscious state and dreams. Modern Allegories focus is on tangible, everyday life experiences and realities, ones hopes, desires and aspirations. Modern Allegorism is encouraging, uplifting and always presents a positive life affirming message through common elements to forge a symbolic poem of hope, love and faith by God's grace to see our goals manifest. It requires "an Artistic exercise of the Mind and Soul".

Where Can I find Tarnowski's Art Work?

His work is collected by private, corporate clients the world over. Along with fine art galleries that show his work globally. His celebrity list includes Mel Gibson, Aaron Spelling, Ted Turner, Lonnie Anderson, Barbara Eden, Jane Seymour and more. Along with works in National galleries and museums from Australia to the United kingdom. Email us to view Tarnowski's art in a art galleries near your next destination.